Of Chairs

Poetic spoken, when chairs start talking…


outdoor chair


“You are mine

I paid for you!”

She said and

thought too

You better

be good and worth it.


Pressed plastic

made to

endure heat, frost

rain ‘n sunshine,

children playing

dogs lifting


their legs and

cats scratching

and now on top

of it your sis

on your hubby’s

lap not sitting


still.  I had it.

“Crack you too!”

“Oh no!” your man

stammers, “Not yet!

your sister screams

as I lay down


the law of weight

on me the underpaid

lawnchair who

wants to be no slave no more

to them and your back

“Crack! Squeak! Clack!” 


helmut s. 6/98

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…and have a most beautiful day, every day!