A folding chair

folding chair


a folding chair

in grey-olive


school colors.


Sturdy built

heavy looking


much kicking


and handling

the throwing

and stacking

paint peeling


from those legs

holding a plywood

seat securely riveted

against steel.


A formal metal

back scrached

from daily use

scars of pride



great strength

and superior



This ugly chair

how dared it

to get

in front of me?


I am perfectly

planned and


flawless I am.


I know for my


complies to any

need you sitting


on me might ever

have.  Oh sure!

I do have holes

to channel


your bursts of

air.  Indeed I can

be of better

service than


the  chair upfront.

You want me

to prove it?



What did…

what did you…

what did you say?



helmut s. 9/97

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!