A funky chair

funky chair


eyes are

glued to

a real funky

looking chair


unusual in deed

a purple seat

a green backrest

and screws



from leftover

parts reassembled

various sizes


of bolts and nuts

reused parts

from other chairs

who all


have long

retired to the

dumping grounds



A multi colored chair

but unusual

he, she, it is not

for all of us


are made from

many materials


found on this earth


different looking

we are

yet all the same

below the surface.


And both of us

are sitting around

the same square

table of yours


I am better

so I thought

my label says

Made in Germany.


Yet I am

much like the

chair vis-a-vis

when I am alone


I am alone

so is it, he, she


multi colored chair


No sex,

no birth,

no death,

not true?


This chair is


sturdy, waiting

and genuinely caring.


It’s not just

a funky sad chair

to which I

do compare myself


Oh no! It is

the company

I can not outgrow,

my mirror


Used abused

taken apart

and put



resembling my

very own

colorful past

that’s me


How could I

forget myself?


helmut s.  9/97

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!