A tree chair

a tree’s base


is all there is

where once

green leaves



the ones



and housed



as well as


all alike


now wasted

cut up,

burned in less

than a month


a  century

it took

from seed

to maturity



this last

winter’s chill




to cold

to live

out doors.


No! This oak

tree’s life

was not

entirely wasted


Its stump a seat

where lovers meet

and share

their tongues in kiss


the tree base

still provides

a surface like

a picnic table


a display

for food and games

to sit on to lay on

and get laid on.


This tree base

is marred by


waiting next


to the path for

those needy

travelers who long

for its services.


In the off-tourist

season, it’s a plateau

and sunning spot

for a lizard couple.


Age rings of

time tell their own

story from way back

and a sappling


at the base

slowly stretching

towards the heavens

confirms that


fertile ground

and good seed

is all we need

to live forever.


helmut s. 6/98

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!