Part IX

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad IIX”



book eight


The men listen

to Agamemnon spurring his fighters on

with promising glory. “I tell you, believe me:

if Zeus and Queen-Athena ever get out of my way

I lead you beyond the strong walls of Troy,

and you shall be

right after myself the first

to plunder, rape and reap honor and precious gifts,

cars with horse- power and fine woman

to mount and keep to share your bed.

I will fill your hands, your pockets

and all the time you have,

I will fill every minute of the given twenty four hours,

I will fill every second with pleasures

nobody has ever seen

since Atlantis was repossessed by Poseidon.


 And I struggle and fight  wringing from the hours

sweat, blood and tears& dollars.

I do it for glory, for money, for the car, the rent

and for women I waste perfectly good hours, from

the daily time I have,

I waste in ignorance the blessing

of life, slicing away time,

stabbing minutes,

killing hours








And Helen aka Sunshine
answered him in Korean, yet
it all sounded Greek to him.

So he threw her a kiss, said “Howdy!
“Ne!” she said…
I/O stands for input and output: Edit is edit!
“Ne!” she said…
His thoughts are many his bloodstream rowdy.
“Ne!” she said…
Hardcopy from software: I loved to get it!
“Ne!” she said…
My drive – your drive? Replace equals replace.
“Ne!” she said…
Boot up: No whips you may bring bells!
“Ne!” she said…
C prompt: No apron, no skirt nothing but lace!
“Ne!” she said…
Direct access: Are there a total of eight cells…
“Ne!” she said…
Dimmed: Contained in D9 through:K9?
“Ne!” she said…
Memory: I would if I could! Why don’t you?
“Ne!” she said…
Communicating: My day is yours, can you be mine?”
“Ne!” she said…
Processing: Why don’t we what we should do?
“Ne!” she said…
“Is your boyfriend near? Far is he not?”
“Anje!” she said!
You dropped him off at the bus didn’t you?”
“Ne!” she said.



?ebb or flood



confused by thoughts:



Why would she say “Ne!” to him, knowing

Helen had said, “Yes!” to every one else?

Sequence – print – not what he thinks, dot

Sequence -let- her be or not

Sequence -goto- the car

Sequence -if- he is back -then- better find someone else

Sequence -print- now he thinks drive away far

Sequence -end-


? Get out of here and set a heading for your car.



I watched him in the car’s rearview mirror
out on the highway, hands white-knuckling-
-going-up-the-road and heading straight for
a compass bearing neither nor anything
and anywhere. At a shopping mall he parked.
There he got a box of DD diskettes on sale
and a software-program, down it was marked
seventy-five percent discounted as well.
Like a bone for a dog, for Sophia as a treat
he got souvenirs for her the box he loved
the screen, printer, mouse, speakers, all neat
inter-connected and into their spots shoved
creating a unique work-station, with extension.
At the door he admired the anti-theft shopping
device. He brought to the clerks attention
that it did not work. Management was stopping
him. “Why?” The manager asked then,
after searching his bag and pockets.
“Stupid idiot, it’s not plugged in” he said when
ready to leave. Eyes rotated in their sockets.
He went right next door into a men’s store
nude feet con sandals wanting socks his size.
Scanning the magic wand used to and for
reading the price tags from all merchandise
he vaguely remembered now, the difference
between a function and a formula
which performs a certain math circumstance
A function is just a mere function. Oh ja.
Spilling his credit cards on the surface
of the counter, while putting his socks on.
The cashier at the terminal without grace-
-period pointed down there “one by one
take these off!” she said “Them labels I need.”
Around the counter she came in deed
comparing the ticket, on the floor she kneeled.
“Big feet you have” she complimented him.
She was, plumb, pretty and shopping, so she
Rosa said as they had lunch at Burger King.

Rosa showed him her French, her “I love
you and why don’t we get married?”
…caused him to insist on Dutch. Whatever
school had taught her to kiss as she did
somewhere in New Orleans. He wished
he graduated there too…


old vs new

Watch out! Aim, point, click, drag,
That was him selecting a range.
Now to view a formula or function, one had
to look at the formula bar for a change.

The menus were waiting to be used.

Hadn’t he earlier looked her up on
the NET, comparing numbers of slightly abused
new and reconditioned computers from
little- to big-bucks and mega- to giga-byte

more choice than he wanted. One had more drive,
the other more memory, and the latest hype
an ISDN ready modem and everything for life-
motion-pictures, more input more output,

and a better display. But what to do with Sophia who
had aged fast, the old deity was no longer good.
He had hoped to use her as down payment too,
for a newer more time-fitting god.




the parking spot
unbelievable, a little car, just big enough
to safely conquer the gutters over the storm-drains
outside COSCO in the SandCityMall, with a tough
looking face at the wheel, more guts than brain
slipped right in front of him, into his parking spot,
his parking spot. Dreams of editing this unfriendly guy,
to backspace after selecting the dot,
delete by simply inserting his two ton cruiser why
not over this plastic covered shopping cart?
The driver was wiggling out of the open door,
a big gal, in pain for walking was hard.
He left the deleting to his computer, sorry for her,
he wished she had had had a handicapped sign.
For her and her many chins it would have been wise
at not more than twenty-some-years her behind
was rolling like jelly on elephant thighs.
He drove around the block to find another
parking space.
In the store he saw her again, she wasn’t
a woman at all.
He was now thanking his gods
that he didn’t get into a fight with her/him
a life-size Sumo-Wrestler.



…and have a most beautiful day, every day!