Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad VII”




book seven


…and the god’s knew:
No matter what,
a boy and his toy are
hard to separate…











cautioned about the risk of a fight,

nevertheless he does not want to let

go of his toy, of his treasure, his Schatz,

of his


Understandable Paris tells his advisors off. He criticizes

them sharply, repelled just by the thought of a night

without, once Menelaus’, now his, the one and only

most pleasing Helen. How could anyone suggest,

being serious, speaking from the gut, asking him

to give up, her up. She was the prize, the cup every man

would want to display in public. She being the gift he got and

well deserved, therefore isn’t he entitled to be her keeper. He is aware

of the gods

out there


But, yes, if he gives her up, her, Helen, the daughter of Zeus,

wouldn’t he also direct her father’s undiluted anger against

himself?”No!” he says, “No way! I won’t give up this woman!”

At the same

token Paris

consideres to buy peace with gold and slaves:

“Take all those other beauties and treasures

I once hauled home from Argos,

many deck-loads of desire

and able possessions

I gladly offer to

return such if






…man he was, who had never ever bothered
to learn — what he called egotistical thinking
— her use of two numbers, nibbling on bits and others
wasn’t a guy-thing like embedding and linking.

Men ruled the world by iron fists and kicks
the no-thing and a-thing zero and one
were nothing but wife tales from lips
of nerds and sissies who had never done
a real man’s job.

Sophia knew his attitude was bad
therefore she considered a hex,
as a practical joke which he had
coming soon she knew such to be next.
She listened to him making up limericks:





Once not long ago, there was a computer-

guy madly in love. After all he had put her

in control of his tiny life.

A No-Do: A computer as wife.

The power-off. No in- no output he boot her.

(Limerick for the mechanical wife)





A hex on binary code looked like these

        0        1       2       3      4        5      6        7

0000 0001 0010 0011 0100 0101 0110 0111

(you may copy it down, don’t read it aloud!) Please

1000 1001 1010 1011 1100 1101 1110 1111

8       9      A      B      C      D       E      F





And he was day-dreaming, with her toying
“Yes dear,” Sophia said, “keep on trying,

“and about the floppy, in A-colon”
her master asked the one from Cologne.

“The floppy slips in the A drive. As you
know, so put it in, hurry up! Just do!

Such should be firm! Now! Okay?” She said
“in all the way!” but he already had

proved to be full of com-promises, a lot
yet tried his 3″ disk in her 5″ slot.

He woke up, looking at the screen, in front.
He apologized to Sophia prompt

“Sometimes I need more than I/O you offer!”

Her screen blinked like she understood his words
and he knew Sophia did.




?in the mood


There was a difference between data-value

and the label-information he knows

it was better to use a cell-reference to do

a calculation in auto update it shows.

Think basic nature, brute strength coaxial cable

See beauty, work with and bringing in clip-art

Taste the power, spruce up this crucial table

Hear her react, nanoseconds, apart

Smell the flowers, in her garden!

“It’s spring how dumb to lock myself away.”

She might be still there I beg your pardon!

“I’m lusting Sunshine, it’s to nice a day!”

His ears filled with: “Work! Work! Work!


The voices unstoppable by wax or by cork.

He left his latest love, just to adjust.

Annoyed with these voices’ unwanted infusion

between his ears, he left her

all by herself without company or intrusion.

“The default alignments are for numeric

entries Right justified and characters

align Left justified, not only generic.”

He lectured himself stepping out. Helen

was centered in the double-Dutch-door.

Her elbows leaning on the ledge into

view, still the view public, superior.

His thoughts deeper than her valleys, whereto

his wandering eyes con spectacles seeking.

Attracted by her magnetic field since she

had brushed his cheek moving in leaking

out the secret wanting him next door to her.

Helen inventoried now her take-me-out-bag

in front of him, whose hopes where-up-to-no-good

one could well say, letting the cat out of the keg

yet was she, Helen too in the mood?



…and have a most beautiful day, every day!