Part X


Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad IX”



book nine



I do things

for I have to do such

not seeing, not hearing, not feeling

and I do for that’s what I was told to do

I do as mother tells me

bringing the fathers anger upon me,

I do as father tells me, having mother weeping,

I do as preachers tell me and the gods throw lightning at me,

I do as I think the gods want me to be

and become an outcast to society.

I battle my battle my daily battle, doing every one right, but

I know in the end of the battle,

I too shall get the ax and

I can already hear the gods laughing

at me.


 And the Greek soldiers

around Achilles consider their options,

of which sailing home, isn’t the only one.

Achilles is still sour at the King and making a face

like eating unripe fruits.

Yet at the bargaining table he is sweeter

than chocolate dipped cherries.

Phoenix an older charioteer speaks up:

“In your heart don’t leave me behind,

not even if Zeus himself

would swear to scrape away

the scurf of age and make me young again . . .”

And he reminds the men of the time

which has past since they set out from Hellas.

He reminds the men of the women at home

and how wonderful they are.

And he talks about the sad news of the blood feud

with his father, Amyntor, Ormenus son.

And Phoenix tells all how furious his father still is with him.

All such about his father’s mistress,

the one with the dark glistening hair.

The more Amyntor was ignoring his wedded wife,

Pheonix’ mother was begging the son on her knees,

to bed his father’s mistress down

and kill the young girls appetite for an old man.

And Phoenix admits he did as mother asked

he did his home work,

bringing his father’s mistress home,

time after time at home. . .

And Phoenix says:

“They must never call me a father killer

even when he attacks me I shall not fight him for he is my father!”

Phoenix ends his story

with a plea to the gods to check his anger

and to forgive him for ever having evil thoughts against his father.


them books

…he found those books

the teachers wanted

at the bookstore

ridiculously overpriced

for schoolbooks which

he didn’t plan to read.

Did his teacher at MPC

plan to use much of the two kilos,

four pounds at five-hundred grams,

in American it was even more,

four pounds point four?

For the pound-price he could

have feasted on Subway sandwiches

or non-meat hamburgers which he didn’t eat.





in the process to move data:

he selected, blinking his left eye,

if she blinked back he dragged and dropped the object,


Only one command removed cells for good,

The “Unplug the darn thing command.”

Shortcut menus are everything


There was no shortcut from Sand City to Coralitos.

His menu said “meat” and at the meat market

he selected the choicest juiciest steaks in sight


He got four each, of all the various, smoked

sausages too. There were twenty-one,

Black Jack! 17 + 4


Hot dogs she liked, Sunshine had said.

Would six inches do? He asked

the butcher to measure each,


The doubt about capacity were swept aside,

a hungry belly growling.

An empty freezer waiting


And his though were occupied with

clicking a row heading button

to select a row, here he could format a cell


With the Freeze Panes command

he could freeze rows or columns from scrolling.

So he unfroze: Window > Freeze > Unfreeze


He even applied names to his cells

and named his cells, not for he cared

but for reference, future reference


He had not forgotten last time

the time he tried to find

the darn cell


# QR horizontal and 69496 vertical?

He hoped, he never shall need it again,

the cell he named egotrip


The flame broiled whopper had

already worn off,

so had Rosa’s kisses

his strenght returned


and he noticed a hole

in his new socks, where his big toe’s nail had

been gnawing through which was

not alright



They sold plant-hangers at the flea-market.
Macros make a computer user’s life much easier,
provided one being familiar with macros.
He bought a bunch of macro-ed plant-hangers.

Macros can be helpful in series of worksheets,
Yet they are not essential to create a book.
Shortcut menus are only an
opposite-the-left-mouse-click away.

He was tailing another car going five
to ten miles an hour
and no passing lane in sight.
What a big difference between

copying and cutting before moving.
Cut and paste, so much like a thief in the night.
Copy and paste, is just like taking spy-pictures.
Column heading buttons affect the whole column.

It was the guy up front twenty cars away on
a tractor who slowed the traffic down.


…and have a most beautiful day, every day!