Part XI

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad X”



book ten

    King Agamemnon

talking with his brother well aware of the situation

proclaims, “Tactics,brother! Tactics that’s what we need

now, you and I both, and cunning tactics too!”

“We better find a way to shield and save

our men and ships.

The forces have turned against us.

Zeus’s heart, mighty big heart is set on Priam’s kids.”

Just look what Hector does,

I have never seen or heard of a single man

wrecking so much,

so much havoc in one day except Rambo,

who is not due to appear on stage till later,

two thousand seven hundred human years later.

“How come Zeus’s grand-grand-grand-son dismantels

so much armor and single handed mows

rows and columns of our soldiers?”

Menelaus asks in a high pitched voice,

licking his slowly heeling wounds.

Agamemnon answers,

“Tactics, cunning tactics or a miracle or both we need!”

Agamemnon thinks,

“I could use a dose of what the swan got from Leda”

considering all options he sends

for one of the prized virgins

          kept under lock

                      on his ships.    




with the traffic at a standstill his mind was
on the workbook…

…and if he dropped data in on a cell
containing data, his spreadsheet program humored him:
she asked.

Sort was the command used to rearrange
data in alphabetical order.
He turned off the road into a shopping
center and at a drugstore he bought
Aspirins, Bayer of course.

Because all television adds said:
“For heart attacks!”
Not that he needed any.

So he asked the store clerk to gift-
wrap the bottle.
He thought:
“The bottle needed to be scanned first,
after wrapping it up it will be too late.”

Now the price had to be put in by hand!
There are so many different ways to copy
data from one place to another.

His preference was drag and drop
over copy and paste, but not always,
keyboard entries were so slow.

A scanner would be nice too, he thought.
“Data can be sorted in ascending order
descending Data can be edited too.”

A lowrider performed a stunning show.
Two competing young women in short skirts
drove the machisimo fellows insane.

For after all they showed the full
length of their short legs yielding to
pink and purple colors.

Unknit wool as underwear
which looked much too much
just like their real hair.

The gasoline indicator showed low.
Soon a blinking red light
controlled by a computer chip
told him nicely:

“You may refill your gas-tank
Or get prepared to call the
number on the plastic card (triple A).”

The central processing unit between both
his ears matched information received with
info stored only to come up with
a most splendid solution,

as the AAA-lady last time said: “You
have no tows left on your card”
his options were limited to pushing
or getting gasoline.

Proudly he showed his latest credit
card off to a magnetic reading device at the pump.
Questions were displayed like:

Do you want a receipt? Yes/No,
One Moment and
Card Declined.

Clever him he tried another four of
these magnetic plastic cards, until
one worked.

Isn’t the human mind fascinating?

Plastic and sand (silicon) are today’s
most valuable items in many people’s

What happened to Gold- and Silver-
What happened to diamonds and

Stock-markets based on paper and futures
are going through the roof,
gambling is the In-thing.

Gambling and losing precious time
to worthless enterprises.

…and why did Crazy Horse dismount to
fire his gun ?
(William Heyen in The Steadying)


smell …


the computer controlled shut-off-valve

did what it was designed to do, yet not

without dribbling some

Superunleadedgasoline onto his pants

a spurt, squirted spattered spit.

Stinking of fuel he drove past

rich full aromas of mushroom compost

and harvested broccoli fields,

like socks after a long day of waiter’s work,

this smell was familiar, yet from the fields.

He talked to himself about the use of

the outline command: Which is used

for any list which contains subtotals or

lists with various levels or

individual measurements of importance.

He knew his socks were okay

but his pants’ legs weren’t,

they stunk!





…and have a most beautiful day, every day!