Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XII”



book twelve

And  angry Hector in an attempt

to push the Greek soldiers

back into the sea,

attacks the Argonauts fortification:

He urges his men to breach the Achaean rampart

and to set fire to all wooden structures

starting with the aged dry wooden fences

hoping such blazing inferno

will follow the winds

racing to the unfriendly visitor’s ships!

And Hector and his men,

led by the gods turn up the heat.

These Trojans surely put the pressure onto the Greeks.  





Carmel was busy like always.

The black tar-topped roads

were all-day-long slaves

to the heavy traffic.

They lay there being used

kicked, rolled and walked over,

spit and drooled on by the visitors

who looky-looky were looking for the bargain

of which there were none.

Only at night the streets got to breathe

the cool Pacific Ocean’s air,

sights of relief eased their tension

as they lay there and rested

for more torture to come.

Waiting to be raped again.

“Wake up! Wake up! Aphrodite.




the lap-top


her boss had given Deborah,
a lap-top, she didn’t know how to use,
so she said.
Smart, she had climbed up into
the lap
of luxury provided by her boss,
a former bank client, who had once
chosen her as personal teller.
Many a night they sat at Sade’s
before retreating to his place, for
she wanted
– what he had –
to get to the top




About the lab-top,
he had made a deal with her
to show her what to do with
such. He had the nerve to offer
to show her his proficiency
at his home.
On top of his lap or the other
way. Same equipment.

She insisted on her home.
For he didn’t wear
a wedding band and despite talking
like a computer nerd, she remembered
him as being quite cute.

He could have followed instructions,
knowing it all better he did his best.
Now why didn’t the Undo button work?
He knew it never worked in data bases.
Then what did he do wrong?

He, his very own-self,
full of piss and vinegar,
blamed the data base in
the active windows for not understanding
what he wanted to have done.



G… …G
She set the computer controlled alarm.
Gone     fishinG swung from one
side to the other at the shop’s
door. Deborah showed him how
to get to her apartment above
the garages of the candleshop’s owners
estate-ly-two-acres in the neighboring
Pebble Beach.
“My boss is on a six-month trip
with Asia, and not due to return till
a month or so!” she said, driving
along the Ocean in her boss’s
topless car.
She answered his question:
“No! Yes! I never wear
About her boss he had called
her from Turkey and explained in
great detail what new tricks
he had taught Asia so far.
“Show, don’t tell!”
The sign displayed
gently rocked by the light breeze
GOne F…..G





wordless . . .


I watch him chewing his lip, first

the upper than the lower.

Will he ever admit his own stupity?

I watch him chewing her lip,

first the upper than the lower.

Will he live to tell how

to find out the hard way…?

I watch her chewing his lip,

first the upper than the lower.

Will he keep on making it

hard for himself…? I watch

them both; he doesn’t

need my criticism. Isn’t he

his very own worst critic…?




 …hole in one…
near bird rock
so appetizing juicy beautiful
greens, rack of venison grazing,
what a waste of good meat.
Larded, baked, a delicatessy.
Yet here Bambi was a protected specie,
so were rich men in electric cars,
crossing the 17 mile
drive while others walked
with carbon-fiber-sticks hitting
and poking fun of each other
and some little round balls into
manmade holes in the ground.
A hole in one, an eagle,
being desired by all.


…and have a most beautiful day, every day!