Part XIV


Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XIII”



book thirteen



Comparison criteria consisted of

specific values or values that fell

within a set of defined limits,

which Deborah didn’t have.

Therefore, he looked and searched

and by comparison he thought to find

some criteria to use to filter his list

of Deborah who had been giving away

what others sold at the corner


Computed criteria consisted of a value

or values that did not exist within the list.

But what about Deborah’s values

She could have been very rich if she

always had charged just a couple of bucks.



…breakfast with Cronus…



for breakfast Cronus stops by

to see at how his sons are doing.


neither Zeus nor Poseidon are surprised

by seeing the cloud of light,

shot through with lightning,

and the strong wind from the turbines,

a vision which Ezekiel could only describe

as a great chariot pulled by four strong beasts,

who were similar to the carvings

on the palace gates of Babylon.

Ezekiel also said each of the wheels rolled

in a different direction from the others.

And Ezekiel had never seen any

turbines or   solid-fuel-rockets therefore

all he could say was:

The beating of the creatures’ wings was deafening

it sounded like rushing waters,

like the voice of Shaitan,

a voice like a storm,

like the noise of a camp.


yet Cronus’ sons are not surprised

about their father’s mode of transportation,

they envy his toys, their father’s technology.


Hades shows much interest

he wants to get his hands on one of Cronus’

on-board computers.

“To tally the bodies, to keep record of the souls,

to filter out the stained ones,

the cleaned ones… !


the burned ones!” so he says.


Cronus answers

“My son be patient wait till high noon —

in less than three thousand earthling years

everybody will be equip-

ped with computers able to do

your kind of spread- sheet —

listen by high-noon I get you your own PC.”


he watches the games at the beach,

sponsored by a brewery and a tobacco company,

whilst his sons are arguing about the next moves.

Their deathless spirits warring against each other.


they are inventing more mortal pains

for all their seasoned heroes under the themes of

“No pain – No gain!” and “It bleeds – it leads!”  



looking back

Without a computer, including the lap-
top she left at the store, he simply
valued her mere existence.

She had aged since their last
being together at Genoveses,
prior to their last Jetty Road outing.

Back then he was in the candle
business too, burning them
daily on both ends.

The values were calculated from
data stored within the list.

Deborah back then was between
jobs and for the summer was sharing

not only the stationwagon, which wasn’t
hers, but also the motel rooms and guys

they lived in and on and off, she and her
roommate the waitress.

Criteria ranges held the criteria used to
filter a list in the advanced filter command.

Now had that been before or after
she had turned commune – ist?

Without a computer and running a
spellcheck he knew he was
spelling list right with an “U”

after the “L”. And his “I” was capital
and solely motivated by his Lust.

He did not filter out,
that all had changed and
she had become a capitalist.



tables turning

Pivoting tables, where interactive.

Worksheet tables allowed

him to summarize and analyze

data stored in a list. Using drag

and drop features, he could

rearrange and organize data.

He did not notice how the tables

had turned and in “her” car he was

at her disposal unless he wanted

to walk through the forest back to his car.

He used to know, that Criteria ranges,

never mind which were all set up the same

way: He inserted several blank rows

at the top of the worksheet. Then his

fingertips searched and found where

above the blank the column-labels were,

waiting to be used. In the rows

below the column labels, that’s

where the criter -ia was to be inserted.

Provided he remembered

what he wanted to match,

he used the Advanced Filter

command from the Data menu,

Filter submenu, displaying rows

conditions he had specified.

Advanced filter commands enabled

him to filter data by using a criteria

range to display only the rows

that met all the criteria he specified.

Much was hidden some locked away

with passwords only he knew.

Bent-over-forward for her he was

checking connections at her

apartment’s VCR and cam-

corder. For she wanted to use it,

he hooked it up, as a favor,

she was making him a cup of tea,

who did not look up from what he was

doing. Until he heard her sweet voice

teasing him: “Did you turn gay or what?”

Now he saw what he came for,

she had dressed up, to a nothing

of a see-through-gown. He acknowledged

her gone fishing for compliments, struggling

to escape the new socks still tight

around his calves. He floated into her

open arms, the zeppelin losing air, when she

begged him to be gentle and a small loan

to help her defray costs like her latest

credit card bill. How could he stop now?




too much
“How much?” he asked, while
reading lips.
Hers formed the words,
“A couple of hundred
should do!”
Risking to walk back to
After the initial discomfort,
he had the guts to confess
he didn’t have so much money,
…and after all,
that he would be more desperate
for a small loan himself.
They started to compare
what they each had whereby
she had it made with free
rent, a monthly check from
the shop, gifts from men
and her boss, a company car
and everything else.



“Too much!” he said.










…and have a most beautiful day, every day!