Part XIX

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XVIII”



book eighteen


As Achilles

is mourning the loss of his friend,

he asks the gods to help him,

so struggle and quarrel,

all strife would die from the lives of gods and men.

His anger is fed by bitter gall,

sweeter than dripping streams of honey,

blinded by emotions

he asks the gods to help him see things clearer than ever.

Oh yes, he Achilles is going to show

this Hector, this murderer a shortcut to the underworld.

He swears a solemn oath to cut him to pieces and

feed the chained guard dogs at the entrance to Hades

with his pale flesh.

So Achilles prays

that the anger at Agamemnon king of men

would go away. “Enough. Let bygones be bygones. Done is done.”  


 Your dollars

…in her accent she hollers

I take your dollars

“You! I’m talking to!”

…selling fireworks

smaller or bigger


not depending on size…

one and same price.





a stranger

…was having dinner on the run

as he cruised high on moon-

shine taking a light field-

trip through the salad bowl,

giving a stranger in a green dress,

who wanted, the ride she had wanted

to a shelter near Marina’s airport.

“Nice accent!” Now he talked,

asked for her name.

“Oputaosalsa” she mumbled,

her mouth was overflowing he did

not mind her dribbling lies, drooling

on the leather-seats, pale flesh,

part of the dinner plate a nice dish.

A road between salad fields

on greens laid the meat,

salsa dips, guacamole, creamy soft,

she did not mind his fingers,

her hands were fleshy,

there was no silverware needed.

“Man are all dogs but you are

an exception”, she said,” they all want

panoche, all the same!”

Another mouth full licking the dish

“Pardon my French,

I like Greek, and I love Lesbos,

and for cash I love anyone.”

Hard, breathing harder

he agreed, “nice accent!”

Through the back-gate…

… of the old Army

Base once known as Fort Ord, to one

housing area not too far from the

Monterey Bay’s newest University

he took her. “Oputaosalsa”

she cussed the dripping sauces.

Satisfied having had as much as he could

handle, she took the prawns-to-go

to her children, of which she had

three, who she said now, were

still up waiting for supper,

she was no stranger anymore,

she had a name “Oputaosalsa!”




  }-: 1.59 a.m.
  dirty hands
  Back home he got. Sophia, too (his computer)
was waiting, as always.
He was used to her waiting and being there
whenever he needed her.
At her keyboard he was  playing a big role,
he thought. So he thought.
She did not.
He washed his sticky hands innocently acting.
Which he was not.



The maximum number of levels in an outline was
the number contained in an eight-ball.

The Trace Precedents button drew lines
to related cells, creating
therefore a family tree of sort.

As he wanted to insert a note into his worksheet

he selected the cell, clicked on Attach-note
on the floating toolbar, the one
with the trace family root command
buttons called Trace Precedents.

There it was and the note he wrote
was about Oputaosalsa

…her shoulder on the seat’s leather 
her hair mopping the carpet, her
eyes spotted the package jamming the
track of the four way reclining switch.
“DD’s?” she said “They must have been
stuck under here for a long time,
nobody uses such anymore it’s all HD now!”
And she examined his bag with disks
before discarding the same by throwing
them out the window…

Each keystroke translated …

…his feelings into Computerese

as Sophia’s hard-drive heated up.




    sum if

The SUMIF function gave each

cell a specific condition.

He was looking for suitable names to

refer to a cell in another worksheet

before entering a formula.

Suitable named he listed examples

of when it would be appropriate to

use the SUMIF function: With

“Guess what?” and “I want to know!”

Before “What happens if…?”



…include OLE.

The Artificial intelligence thought that
a database started at the first row
wherever data is entered.

One can not say assumed.

Function performed using a data
range from Add Delete Search
to Edit or Browse used a filter.

The display of a list within a certain
criteria got more limited.
He felt in control putting it in,

his fingers searching for the right spot.
He wore shades to filter unnecessary
light out of his eyes. At the workstation

autofilter commands allowed him to
Select cells by clicking on Data,
clicking on Filter, hitting Auto

To have something to filter, data had
to be imported by either typing it in,
Cut and paste, Drop and drag,
Embedding or Linking.




The scenario manager was a neat

tool not only for Real Estate Guys and

Gals trying to figure their commission

check and to show actual pay-off,

after close of escrow, to the seller:

It was also usable for restaurant menu

calculations showing probable

cost overrides or profitability.

The scenario tool showed the family

man what was going to happen if a

certain constant in monthly budgeting

suddenly changed for the better

or worse and the effect such would

have on a monthly or yearly budget.

Provided that one wanted to know!




Whenever a Scenario Summary

had been created, figures could

not be changed within the

Scenario Summary itself, therefore

it was necessary to delete

the old Scenario sheet before changing

numbers and attempting to

create a new scenario.

Result cells in a scenario most likely

were a description of a result set

or cell which was going

to be queried to create the

scenario summary.

A Scenario Manager was used

to create multiple scenarios with

multiple sets of changing cells.

To view the results of each scenario

on his worksheet he created

a summary report of all input

values and results. Here he merged

scenarios from a group into a single

scenario model. He password-protected

scenarios from modification and hid

certain scenarios. Like Chinatown,

yet he kept track of modifications

with an automatic scenario history.




…and have a most beautiful day, every day!