Part XXV

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XXIV”




book twenty-four

  Apollo is watching

with great interest the same war and horror show

as the other gods.

Yet Apollo is angry he had lost some bets,

he should have known better

than to put money on Hector

which was much like buying ocean front properties

in Arizona. Yet to make matters worse

Apollo is appalled by how Achilles treats

the cadaver of the noble Hector,

and on top of all, Apollo does not forget

how Achilles flipped him off earlier on the road.

Apollo has his own plans and a drive by shooting is not excluded.

The gods agree that Priam deserves

to have his son’s body returned.

Hermes himself guides Priam

to Achilles’ camp unharmed by the Greek soldiers.

And the gods stand by Priam old and gray

as he pleads to Achilles

for the return of the remains of his son’s body.

Achilles knows he went too far,

that the gods demand Hector’s return.

He has no say in this matter,

no choice but to give in.

And he knows the sniper Apollo will not miss

the heel he is aiming for, his heel.

The Achilles heel.




Computerese was spoken at the motherboard

Sophia remembered all stored in ROM

forgot at a flick of a switch all in RAM

Input and Output came and went on the bus

controlled by the command of a key-stroke

she, was not pretty but smart, his love

He was pleading with ROM

on his knees sending prayers to RAM

to put the worksheet back on the bus

and alive he may stroke

the splendid proof of his intelligence and love

to create great things with the motherboard


He cried and clicked and clicked for the bus

and he clicked his heels and stroke

an accord of unprintable terms none of love

spilling his guts and anger onto the motherboard

who remembered everything in ROM

Words Mencken did not know existed an omnibus

full of such unspeakables ready for a stroke

red in his face his ego was bleeding anti-love

the mouse was in hiding and the motherboard

cool like always looked for instructions in ROM

who referred her to empty memory of RAM

demands for information by each stroke

of the keyboard still came. This was bad-love

annoying her and the motherboard

asked for sign language from ROM

to flip off the man attacking now RAM

and the sign went out on the bus


said she the motherboard

in computerese to ROM

and displayed in uppercase by RAM

at once put on the bus

before the next keystroke

with this she the motherboard

together with ROM and RAM

said “Don’t dare harassing me love!”





His words were “One
has to have a strategy, one
has to have a plan.”
Making sure no-one saw him
he whispered “Pssst.
I am going to get me a pencil and a notebook!
And under must sell you find my 386
souped up 486 SXL.”

(Including  a Trojan Horse virus)





Nobody, but her, did beat the man

aware of all the competitions’ preying

exploring IOW options for a better plan.

As Siegfried before the dragon’s slaying,

like Hercules did in Greek history, he too

now had to seek-out the protection

of his modern deities, he worships, who

speak Computerese in every section

of each drive.

He too had to go and seek his blessings

during his search of meaning in life!

And he prayed to Thor to come

with his hammer, thunder and lightning,

to show the Greek gods

what the northern lights are made from

and he prayed and looked

— like Cronus during Cronus-chronous —

through his CD collection

where he found Battle Chess,

the game which he too

had been losing. There was

also the Odyssey next to the Trojan

Horse in two versions. He liked

the one where the wooden horse

was burned on the beach during full moon.

A game nothing but a game.

So was the Argonaut Saga

and he looked for other CD

and games to play on his computer.

The computer possessed by an evil

spirit by Sophia the goddess

of a halluci nation, the nation

of Computeresia.




…I meet him…


):-\ 7:00 a.m.

I meet him the genius when he stared –
– with tired eyes –
into the mirror he is not
who I thought he would be
For whom I see is me.
I am listening as his words:
“F… Sunshine!
F… workbooks!
F… Helen!”

the echo between my ears
is coming from my mouth.

Grumpy I am


 …and if

if nobody calls to buy her

from me,

I still can take my computer

to some store… ,

to replace her motherboard

with the one I always wanted

with the latest type, Pentium

dual cache and everything

and I might just rename

her my computer to HOWL


in memory of Ginsberg
the great poet….
 …who thinks in fractions…
…if I got a rise,…
…if I got a snicker,…
…if I got you to smile,…
…or got you to think,…
…or got you to laugh,…
…then I succeeded in what I set out to do,
for these are the only meaningful
meanings in what used to
MOC-COM now titled Of-Homer-by-helmut
Enough in my poetry is much like
who blind saw more
than I do with glasses.
If you see any enjoyment in this
my writing, please pass it
on to a neighbor
a friend.
If you find it boring and stale
pass it over the wall
to Robert Frost’s neighbor
or him, the guy
with the good fence…
helmut s.



…and have a most beautiful day, every day!