Part XV

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XIV”



book fourteen


Hera from her golden throne looks

down, from the Olympus peak.

She sees the sea lord splashing

and churning the waters

behind the Greek soldiers.

She watches Cronus’

children at play.

But when she focuses her binoculars on her own husband

her heart races as she zooms in on great Zeus

at rest on the ridge and the craggy heights

of Ida. “Tutoring” he had said he would.

What could she do?

 Queen Hera wonders, tears glowing in her eyes . . .

How could she outmaneuver Zeus

the mastermind, this Zeus

with his battle shield of storm and thunder?      




Deborah’s “Poor you, look at your-
self!” changed to “I learned it from
my boss. He says always find out

how much it’s worth by asking:
‘How much are you willing
to pay before letting anyone have

anything!’ Is this wrong?” she asked.
“Sticker shock,” he muttered
“Buyer’s remorse,” the tables turned.

She offered him a deal which he took
— he hastily agreeing to —
her going to be tutored

“A simple one to one
to OPEN insert
the DATA DISK in A:\
onto another disk
right there in A:\
does not work in
Microsoft’s programs.
It takes a menage-au-trois
the long way
by saving from the old A:\
to harddisk C:\
and save as
from C:\ to the new disk
in A:\ to make it work.”
“That sounds so kinky!”
She said,

before her getting it

he too liked oral.





“A Pivot Table

is created

by specifying


the data

to be used

as row fields,

column fields,

and page fields,

all summarized

in the data area

of the table,”

He explains.

She wants

th know

if datas

are like dates

fields like fields

and if columns

will come

to plow the rows.

“Can you specify


what position

you want me in,”

inquired she.



“Show me!” she demands.
So he creates the Pivot Table
using the Wizard in the Pivot Table
command from the Data menu by
mere clicking on the Query and Pivot
toolbar, thereafter under her spell
he followes the “Witches” instructions.
“That’s cool!” she says.
And wants him to teach her
…on the spot and not shy.


“The Page field is
a field
assigned to a page
orientation in a pivot table.”
“Do it again!” she said,
“I love playing the field.”
“Items in a page field are
displayed one at a time.
The Data area contains
summary of data values in
each cell of the data area
represented a summary of
data from the source records
of rows and columns.”
“Just one more time!”
she begged.





The sign GONE F – – – – – G sign

turned to





  With Deborah he had returned to the shop
open yes to cashing out and closing up
as she got oral once more before
she said she had soon to see
some guy important for
a business dinner.
About tutoring
she said
what my boss
is doing right now
to Asia in Turkey and
call me when you have time
and some spendable cash, you know,
a bundle, a money-clip filled, green bucks to blow…




going south

…as to relax his mind he drove
south on number one Cabrillo
highway as far as the valley of the sun.

The last of the build able lots along
the coastline were marked for sale.

Paradise had a price-tag too.

Fifty bucks for a lid.

“Not even seedless!”

Windy roads had the same number
of curves going
south as coming
back up north…




…and have a most beautiful day, every day!