Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XVI”




book sixteen

And Achilles

is still sore, complaining

about the pain he has, about

the great humiliation. “That girl — the sons

of Achaea picked her as my prize,

and I had sacked a walled city,

won her with my spear but right

from my grasp he tore her, mighty

Agamemnon, that son of a …”

“S.o.Atreus! Treating me like

some vagabond, some outcast

stripped of all my rights… Enough.”

Achilles is still holding back,

but more angry at Agamemnon than those Trojans.

Such attitude changes fast when his friend

the captain of his ship Patroclus gets slaughtered.

This act of hostility gets Achilles attention.

Now his anger turns to blind rage.

A raving maniac he is


cutting down a many of the Trojans.  


{}-; 6:30 p.m.


The purpose of a tabbed dialog box:
was to allow him to tab into several boxes?
– Deborah and Helen Sunshine on his mind-
A fruit stand invited him to stop.

Hard yet meaty leaves covered the
soft hearted fruit born
by the thorny thistle bush.
He bought a box of artichokes.

The spreadsheet on his mind he traced
the steps it took to extend a series knowing
these were limited, the steps and not the series.
Simply grabbing the handle and drag it.

The number of outline levels in
his worksheet were shown in the top
left corner where one button
for each outline level was displayed.

He asked for mangos y limones,
swelling and slick sliding, the kind Pat Mora
had. The Mexican senora
selling veges and fruits

said behind his back to her husband
loco Aleman,
slightly fruity
a very nutty man.

(-: 7:30 p.m.

…he returned to his humble apartment

with view at the beach where he lived

ahead of his means reflecting back

at his excursion there he stashed

and stored what he had gathered.

His computer Sophia, was still on line.

He returned to his natural keyboard

Sophia blinking at him, he knew

she was sensing that he had

been worshiping another deus.

The music was not Ama.

He felt he owed an explanation,

of being out and about.

So he started to type a short

story: Once upon a time,

they used to do so long

long ago, and every area had its own

deities and whenever men traveled,

wherever men got they had to make

sacrifices to please the gods

of each area they were passing through…

…and I just happened to pass through

the gated golfers’ heaven

and I just happened to do as I should

and therefore offered my gifts

to the goddess of the eagle,

not the bald one, but the other. And he was

thinking of Deborah, wondering

how many tin-gods she had

been preying on over the years.

Did he have to mentioned to her

the Cyclone, the one-eyed monster too?

Sophia was forgiving like always

friendly purring as his fingertips were

stroking her keyboard and adding

zeros and ones to the word-processing

program before switching back

to his worksheet. His thought was

to use one worksheet for each

scenario summary, however

it was possible to show numerous

scenarios and multiple tables on one

and the same sheet, which

was another fun exercise. He defined

a name for a range by picking

Insert > Name> Define > remembering

the box of artichokes in the trunk

of his trusty rusty old Cadillac.

Yet another purpose for tabbed

dialog boxes was the access to multiple

options. The use of the outline symbol

was mainly to Collapse or extend a table.






…and have a most beautiful day, every day!