Part XXI

Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XX”




Book twenty

  All flock to the halls of Zeus

taking up their seats in the colonnades

of polished stone built by Hephaestus for Father Zeus

with craft and cunning.

The gods assemble deep in Zeus’s bunker.

All get their say.

The god of earthquakes listens to hear

the goddess’ housekeeping complains.

Surfing up from the deep sea

Poseidon arrives to join the ranks,

dripping saltwater he takes his seat in their midst

and probes Zeus’s plans:

“Why now great king of lightning,

why summon the gods to council once again?

Troy’s and Achaea’s armies are ready to fight.

Battle is set to burst in flames between

the two teams Whohavehelen and the Whichhavenothelen.”

Hades opens one of the Pullman-suit-cases he brought,

a flood of hundred dollar bills

fresh of the American-made- offset-press in Irak,

still hot…

…and Athena asking “Paper or plastic

empties shopping bags with CCs from Hongkong

and raw diamonds from the skeleton coast off Namibia,


…as Hera points at the coffers

filled with Jewish treasures from Swiss bank accounts,

which officially never existed…

…while groups of mermaids parade from the ocean’s depth

to the top of Olympus with bullions of gold

from lost treasures, blinking in the daylight…

…Apollo arrives with the fortunes of the holy grail,

he had found on a card table back East.

Zeus, running the show, points

to the foyer of his domicile,

“The betting cages are now open!”




…Helen aka Sunshine

02.15 a.m.

Helen aka Sunshine

The woman from the apartment next door

was calling his name.

Back she was, she was back from

Marina,dealing cards at the cardroom.

Helen wore her work clothes,

an outfit fit to drive any

mortal crazy. A Las Vegas style

skirt, short, white fishnet

stockings over black

pantyhose, little feet in red shoes,

a tight fitting black vest over

a white blouse with a red

bow tie.

A customer gave her a ride home.

“I’m Paris” he introduced himself.

“It was dead!” she said

about the business.

Her friend was gladly driving her,

back and forth, west and east,

south and north.

“I take you any place” Paris said.

The driver was sober, what she was not.

“No card dealing tonight” he said

and she explained that

instead of dealing cards she had been

drinking with the patrons

and her boss liked her much being…

…happy and loving and smiling and silly

entertaining the clientele of which

many came only on account of her.

A kiss from Paris

“I forgot my keys at the card room.”

Helen excused herself

and left but promised to be back.

He heard the car. From the balcony

he saw her on the back-seat necking

with two guys. Five of them together in a

big Lincoln four door sedan.





her mere presents had

created a rise –

ac-dc bird of prey.


 cooling off

…he was by sitting back, cooling off,

making notes to himself in his diary,

…he was by checking his thoughts

about the work sheets qualities,

…he was by sketching all sorts

of scenarios he would apply

at a later time

…he was by creating

a workload of input

he could and would run

through Sophia’s CPU

…he was by mapping out OLE tasks

for which she was

still good enough

the olde goddess de machina.


His gut feeling was “I am tired but might as
well stay up and wait for Helen.”
There was a difference between a value
and a label as the Value=data
and the label=information.
Asking himself, “Why would she come
back in the first place?”
He knew it was better to use a cell
reference rather than an actual value
in a calculation.
“Helen lives here!” he answered.
“Helen knows how I feel about her!”
He knew, that Cell references allowed
automatic update,
that value can be label.
“Helen expects me to stick around
to wait for her return!”
He thinks high on expectations.




money …

was expected to come his way.

The workbook he had made

was to be copied and used

for several restaurant operations.

He felt good about his

accomplishment and even

better thinking about money

promised to him payable

on delivery of this his workbook

later on in the day.




…and have a most beautiful day, every day!