Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XXI”



book twenty-one


Achilles godlike

can easily take on Hector and all world knows

that he will win.

So, to make it more difficult

the gods add water to the stream

along which Achilles attacks.

And the stream leaves his bed,

washes away Achilles’ campground

and many of Achilles fighters too

are carried out to sea into Poseidon’s open arms

who is passing such unfortunates on

towards the whirlpools of Hades.

Yet nothing stops the angry Achilles.

Come rain or highwater,

come hail and wind,

not even the earth’s quivering while Zeus is kicking it,

can tame the wild man.

Nothing stops the raging Achilles who is seeking

revenge, seeking Hector’s life.  



O-; 03.41 a.m.


…knock-knock knock-knock.

Guess who was looking at him
standing there outside his door,

Guess who was wearing this little
girly smile on her moist, with smeared lip-
stick covered exotic-lips.

A car was driving off. Honking its horn.
Guess who?

false eyelashes

…blinking hallo. “Howdy!” He said.

And Helen walked by him, her vest in one

hand covering her shoes. No bow tie,

her blouse partly unbuttoned, fishnets

and panty- hose in the other

hand play- fully swinging. So was she.

Shaved legs under a short skirt,

looking at him she apologized

about wearing false eyelashes, he knew

such were too long to be true.

They were now waving at him.


hearing impaired

his hearing was limited

to the blood’s pressure sounding on

his ear drums, roll-call for all his cells.

His sight out of focus, there was

so much to see.

His nose smelled zest, seaweed,

tangy and salty spray

sand fell from her flowing hair.

She was so gorgeous, so sinful

to look at.

He had dreamed of her partially

dressed entering his


He had dreamed of her having

the time to visit him

if only once, he would never forget.

Her lips moved, wordless

as the flight of birds,

and he felt like an old geezer

whose hearing was impaired.



…by her fingers, his arm on fire,

“I don’t have my key!”

her touching was awakening desires.

A pulsing direct current built up

energy like no women ever had.

Her hand on his arm, magnetism

was flip-flopping his emotions

as she said: “We no go to Malina!

We go del beach!” To proof a point

she emptied sand from her red shoes

onto his rag. Stupid sand it was.

Intelligent grams of sand were silicon.

“Can I stay, please?” A begging voice

asked. Sparks were flying and making

contacts. Negative or positive load

he didn’t know, which was which. He was

captured by her contours

“Can you be mine, can I be yours?”

He thought but said to her, “Sure!

Get comfortable, Sunshine, here

one of my gym-suits you can wear,

the bathroom is over there.”

His heart was in her hands, she knew

she had it securely gripped,

please touch me gently hold me tight,

whatever you do please don’t drop me tonight

don’t drop this fragile me.




common interests

…they had.

“My boyfriend was one of those!”
She said about Computerese.
He wondered which of the dirty

dozen he had met in the short
time he knew her, she referred to,
while she talked to him through

the half closed bathroom door
the toilette gargled golden springs
painting blue water green from

the water closet.
He wanted to be where she
was now, but afraid to tell her

to hurry, he put himself through
holding back the rains.


  princess …

she sat next to him wearing on her

soft Korean skin, his Egyptian bathrobe,

sipping Russian sparkling wine

from a goblet cut in Austria,

watching on the Japanese-made television

a German movie by Fassbender.

Her eyes fell shut. And she snored

as she slept deep spilling

………her glass, she was out.




“Ne!” she had said “Ne!”

Where was Latin when he needed it most

and how wrong were his teachers

predicting his future, fifty years ago.

Yes they had been insisting

that Latin was the future, beside Russian

and English, Spanish and French.

They never taught him Computerese.

They never mentioned the need for Asian


The one time they had talked for hours

Sunshine was very knowledgeable

beside shuffling cards in favor of the house.

Her real name was Pretty Flower

and her mother had paid

much money for the name.

She had read Nietsche

and wanted to know more about

the German people and their whips.

He told her that he wanted to

make love to her all night.

“Ne” she said, “Ne! Ne! Ne!”

just before passing out

pressing against him.

Holding him tight, so tight.





00001111 00001111 Computerese 00001111 Zoom 00001111 X tereminal 00001111 WYSIWYG 00001111 WRITE 00001111 WORM 00001111 WWW 00001111 WORKSPACE 00001111 WORD PROCESSING 00001111 WINDOWS NT 00001111 WAVEFILES 00001111 WAND SCANNER 00001111 Voice Response System 00001111 Visual programming 00001111 Virus 00001111 VGA 00001111 User-friendly 00001111 Upload 0000 1111 UPC 00001111 Unit testing 00001111 Unicode 00001111 Typeface 00001111 Trackball 00001111 Tape 00001111 Toggle 00001111 Title bar 00001111 Tiled windows 00001111 Text mode 00001111 Terminal 00001111 Terabyte 00001111 Template 0000 1111 TAS 00001111 TCP 00001111 System 00001111 Syntax 00001111 Static RAM 00001111 Spredsheet software 00001111 Source 0000 1111 Software Suite 00001111 Soft font 00001111
He desperatelly wanted to show her
what he had gotten in Coralitos.

00001111 Sector 00001111 Scrolling 00001111 Scanner 00001111 SCSI bus 00001111 ROM 00001111 Record 00001111 Read 0000 1111 Range 00001111 Random file 00001111 Query 00001111 RAM 00001111 Prompt 00001111 Program 00001111 Password 00001111 On line 00001111 Open 00001111 Numeric 00001111 Modem 00001111 macro 00001111 Loop 00001111 Low level language 00001111 Laser 00001111 Landscape 00001111 Load 00001111 LAN 00001111 Key pad 00001111 Key field 00001111
Input 00001111 Import 00001111 Hardware 00001111 Help 0000 1111 Host 00001111 Gigabit 00001111 Font 00001111 Frame 0000 1111 File 00001111 Fax 00001111 Exit 00001111 Drag 00001111
Drop 00001111 Computerese 00001111 Computerese 00001111 Computerese 00001111 Computerese 00001111 Computerese 00000000000000000000000





…and have a most beautiful day, every day!