Homer’s (the blind man’s) poetry as seen by helmut s.

“Iliad XXIII”



book twenty-three


They grieve at Troy

while the Greek troops salute Patroclus

and wish him farewell in style he deserves to travel into

the heavens where he belongs

and Achilles shall see to it that he gets there in style.

A feast in honor of Patroclus

is held with fish and plenty of meat

roasted on open fires available are wine

and women to satisfy the army.

The next day timber is hauled to the beach

and a spot readied to set fire

under Patroclus’ body so it may rise in smoke.

But the wood refuses to burn until the gods

with lightning lend a helping hand.

Achilles orders his men to hold funeral

games to honor his friend,

and he is sure that the dogs

found Hector’s flesh along the way,

as Achilles’ men compete for prizes such as

flawless- skilled women, tripods, cars, armor and weapons.

In games where second best don’t count.  



…he stared at her, Sophia,

The question was now, “How can

a pass-word be retrieved if it

was lost or forgotten?”

The problem did not seem to be a

big one, at first sight.

He called the software vendors

24 hour hotline.

Discomfort was in his voice

for all they said was what he knew,

what he had read in the manual.

“A spreadsheet’s Passwords

can not be duplicated, replaced, if lost!”

He was locked out.

And it was Sophia’s fault…

…and Helen’s fault who had made him forget it




 a gift

…knocking at the door was Sunshine
she was bringing a gift, a joystick for her
his computer. Still in a box

never used, one of the things
one of her friends had left behind.

And she said: “Tank you, tank you!”
as she gathered her clothes!”
“You don’t need woman I see,”

with a shy smile her black eyes
looking amused, “Dis good toy for

and she left bowing with a
“I want you to be happy, you know!”
bowing lower than he ever could and would.




she forgot her everyday Korean/English

wordbook. Left behind, he picked

it up from under the chair.


On the way to her door

his joints locked, froze,

he stood and read: Ne! = ja,yes!

He looked again and Ani=nein,no!




he lost

Gay he was, she was sure he was.

Who else would have turned

down her willing flesh?

Helen liked him as a neighbor

yet as a man, only humored him…


…apologizing he stood in her door.

Sequence – print – not what he thinks, dot

Sequence -let- her be or not

Sequence -goto- bed

Sequence -if- she wants to -then- I want it too

Sequence -print- now he thinks we might just move

Sequence -end-

Sequence -run- straight for the altar,

…she watched him

mumbling words

taken only jokingly

therefore she answered:

“Don’t worry you don’t have

to get me a wedding band

– a new car will do!”

She pointed at his gold teeth

and said: “I can see you are

rich… …how about Mercedes?”



…and giggling she was

covering her mouth

with one hand,

the other poked at his arm

…and then

he cussed her…


…he knew

he had lost

not only face,

as her smile

turned sour


…so he told her that

it was all her fault

that he forgot

his password

and her face

looked very sad.

And he knew

Helen never would

speak with him

as her



his nose,



on his face

she said nothing

and he lost

his senses of smell

yet she

did not think

of him

as a man

who ever had

had any sense.

He had lost

what he never had

yet he could

have had her.




…and have a most beautiful day, every day!