This is just to say “hallo”




This is just to say “hallo”

and to thank you

for the

care package.

I know you care

why else

would you have

send me


the can was dented

I hope this wasn’t

from where

you kicked it

into the box.

The Plaetzchen

you baked

are wonderful and

still had “I love you”

written on top

in lipstick.

They are cunningly

good, so delicious.

I’m using the

guided meditation book

you sent

while handfeeding

to control myself

and take just one

cookie at a time

into one hand,

the other

holds the book.

The CD is romantic —

every 60 minutes

I wind my player up

— that’s better than

Windows 95.

It does take

more than

will power to resist


like yours

thank you

for your thought


I was thinking

to call your name

but with my mouth full

I didn’t know

what to say

so I post it on the net

to the princess in Hull

I hope she will get


just saying hallo

thank you

take care,

love you too.


helmut s. 2/99

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!