Of Lust

As seen by the poet…



# 001


I go to bed and dream…

…not holding back my sexual desire

I hear, I see, I touch, I smell

craving all wetting bodily appetite


screaming your name

hear fireworks during fleshly

admiration of you in hot passion,

pure erotcism popping off


in a fury of lust

handing myself over

to them cravings, thirsting

for love, sexual fantasies.


Of course my closed eyes see

you and brainstorming

eroticism and every never tried

positions of lust being


fullfilled by your wishes and

my growing desires

as I cater to your unfilled

orders of loving till stuffed with


utter admiration’s hot air

  both are playing instruments

stroking the fidle, blowing the flute

far on top of Pico Orgasmo,


clad in sensualism,

held with a belt  of desires. 

Than nothing between us

but our deepest most secret


cravings, the ones we don’t

want no-one to know.

I am in bed alone and dream…

“ring, ring, ring” the alarm says


rather unfriendly and I get up

still horny grab my toothbrush

and under the shower my desires

melt confronted with reality


of nothing but

another day without you.


helmut s. 98

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…and have a most beautiful day, every day!