Just the two of us

old fools in admiration

letting go and hanging on

to old ideas we had way back

when, so I think I love you

as I fall asleep.


You were once so attractive

our blood hot overboiling in

ecstasy, your eroticism

attracted me every time

I can still taste your tongue

it’s tip of lust had been


stimulating my manly desires

and sweeping me away

downriver flooded out.

And I wake up, turn to

your side, kissing your lips

I breath the foul flavors


booze, beer, and stale

cigarettes as you push me

back away from you

and with this my dreams

flatten out giving way to

thoughts of Sandy


who never wears undergear

when I visit.

The word romance is

back to it’s proper place,

the dictionary closes with

a bang laying there


I dream of Sandy’s red hair,

freckles, lusting lips,

white teeth nibbling on my toes

finish playing with myself,

I wonder how I can trade

this old bag for new tricks


taking up space in my sandbox

playing she does no more.



helmut s. 98

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!