# 003


That’s our very first night

Oh! It was so great when we met

we danced around each other

as we lusted the goods


we both were eager and willingly

ready to please the fleshly

needs and love she said and I lost

my head rising to the occasion!


So hot my blood pressure

up is my desire like a tent post

raising the starched bed sheets.

I think joy and sex cravings


I am set for a melt down.

Lips which had been touching

hands adventurous exploring

each others inventory.


Why do you have to say

“No!” What is this “No?”

“I don’t do this!” bullshit

all about, can’t you see


how I suffer…?

“Okay! F.ck You B.tch!”

So I take my hard-on

to the bathroom


and promise myself

never to date you again

jerking off thinking of

sweet Liz and her lips’ kiss.

helmut s. 98

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!