Spaghetti House




Spaghetti House


Where oversized

cornfed Italians

savoring milkfed

breaded scalopinis

pasta, wine, more bread

talking in American

Sicilian slang

having a great old time.

Here the tall

waitress with the

saggy bags rushing

to the manager’s office

for the hostess looking

on both intruding

she to the manager

is sucking up.

“Tickets, tickets

where are more tickets!”

the waitress inquiring.

“Help yourself!”

the manager pointing

to the box on the shelf.

“Oh! So beau coup!”

the hostess was saying

“86 Oso Buco!”

the waitress replying

on her way out

to feed the big guys

piles of pasta

mountains of bread

at the spaghetti place

in the

Old Homestead.

helmut s. 98

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!