I am on your side




I am on your side


of your table

I am always

ready to attend

to your needs

and you have many

I respect you

and you don’t

have to love me

but take good care

of me and my

family please.

I enjoy being

soft to your touch

standing up

starched to your


to please you

take delight

in being their as

you wish and want

to do with me.

Yet why can’t you

return a favor

just look at me

ripped by the

claws of the

snake the plumber

used to free

me from the sewers

now look at me

and what is left

no pride no joy

nobody wants

me anymore

as I am bruised

stinking, torn up

an indescribable

mess I am

who would be

delighted to be

called an old rag

yet dripping


tears of shame

remember me

I am your

blue napkin

the same you kissed

last night before

this woman

friend of yours

did me in

flushed me

down the drain.

I hate you both.

helmut s. 97/98

…and have a most beautiful day, every day!