Of Waiting

…not only about waiting like in “waiter,” “garçon,” or “Kellner!”




They said

On my birthday

I kept my mother waiting

And on the way

For breast feeding time waiting

I was the qiet kind for

Some -one  -body  -thing waiting

On the teachers and

Class to be over I was waiting

To have my first time

To be on my own I was waiting

For the first cigarette

To suck on and caugh I was waiting

As was the first woman

To test my sex who was waiting

For the great one

To turn 21 I was waiting

For miracles to happen

AsI was too busy to be waiting

Life picked me up

While I thought I was waiting

Now here I am

Soon to turn 50 and still waiting

Some what wiser

Nightly in restaurants waiting

And I know now

That I have learned to be waiting

It is true what they said

Till my last breath I shall be waiting

Just as I used to do

When ever I was waiting

For a paycheck

Yet it feels like I am waiting

For a lasting last amour


helmut s. 8/98

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…and have a most beautiful day, every day!