Sepp’s World Travels

The series of Sepp – books by helmut s.



Book 1

Sepp Sudetenland to Kleinerort

About the Sudetenland, Sepp’s parents, Sepp growing up

Book 2

Sepp Hansestadt the Apprentice

Sepp in the Hansestadt is living his life at a historic restaurant.

Book 3

Sepp Goldminecity and Apartheid

Sepp’s first foreign work experience in the sun is followed by travel south.

Book 4

Sepp The Cape in the Seventies

Sepp’s wife is looking forward to the endless beaches.

Book 5

Sepp America and the West

Having always wanted to see what America is like.

Book 6

Sepp Rehab and Restoration

There is a price to pay for everything, but then life happens.


Book 7

Sepp Home

A different Sepp, just being happy about being Sepp.



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